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Doncaster is a place with fantastic connectivity, a skilled workforce, competitively priced land and efficient Planning and Business Support functions.

It’s home to the UK’s newest airport offering international flights, hosts a number of multinational companies and has a number of European leading developments in the pipeline. Our strategic location at the heart of the UK ensures that businesses enjoy excellent trade links domestically and to the rest of the world. Most of all, it is a vibrant place to do business with a clear programme for growth.

You can watch a seven minute specially filmed video about businesses in Doncaster here. The film was commissioned as a joint project between Doncaster Chamber and DMBC. It was previewed at the Doncaster Chamber Business Awards in December 2012.

There are four main reasons to do Business in Doncaster.

1.    It has a superb logistical location. We are the UK’s best connected location, benefitting from fantastic road and rail links (just 88 minutes travel time to London) and the UK’s newest international airport serving a number of destinations in Europe and beyond.

2.    We have a number of exciting developments in the pipeline which other firms can benefit from. These include the Inland Port in Rossington and the Civic and Cultural Quarter in the Town Centre. Recent regional research suggests that 60% of new jobs by 2020 within the Sheffield City Region will be in the Doncaster area.

3.    It is an excellent place to live and invest. Doncaster has a ready skilled workforce (64% educated to at least Level 2) at a pay rate around 10% below the national average. In addition, the Borough is an excellent place to live, with a range of good quality housing around 20% cheaper than in comparator Northern towns. It also has a range of leisure and tourism sites, including a multi-award winning market and a world renowned racecourse, which contributed to Tripadvisor placing Doncaster in its list of 10 ‘up and coming European towns’ in 2010.

4.    Businesses can rely on the support they receive. Doncaster Chamber, and our partners involved in Business Doncaster are committed to providing the best possible advice and support to new and existing businesses to meet what they need.

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