Advertise with the Chamber

There are a variety of opportunities to sponsor and advertise on the Doncaster Chamber website and in the eBulletins throughout the year. Member rates are half the price of non member rates. 

Website Advertising

The Doncaster Chamber website saw 23,906 unique users and 42,666 sessions throughout 2017 and is a key communication tool for members to promote themselves and keep up to date with the latest business news and events.

It is possible to advertise on a single page or a bundle of pages for one year or per quarter.

  • Single page (other than Homepage): £200 per annum for members (£400 non members) 
  • £60 per quarter for members (£120 non members)  

EBulletin Advertising

With a readership of 1,000 contacts including local businesses, partners and stakeholders, Doncaster Chamber publishes three different eBulletins each month:
Chamber news – Fortnightly  (25 per year)
Member news – Fortnightly (25 per year)
Event news – Monthly (12 per year)

It is possible to feature in an eBulletin for a year or for a quarter.

  • Quarterly bundle
    Events news – £90
    Member or Chamber news - £180 
  • Bundle of 25 - £400 for members (£1,000 non members)
  • Bundle of 12 - £250 for members (£500 non members)

For added value, our eBulletins are also posted on our social media  (c. 5000 followers on Twitter and c. 2000 likes on facebook).

The small print:

All prices quoted are not inc VAT. Pricing is subject to change.
• Artwork must be provided.
Website adverts are 320 pixels width x 145 pixels height
EBulletin sponsorship banners are 600 pixels width x 60 pixels height
EBulletin adverts are 264 pixels width x 198 pixels height
• A bundle of adverts must be placed within one eBulletin only 


EBulletin sponsorship

The sponsor banner is positioned in the title area of the eBulletin for high visibility.
It is possible to sponsor the  following eBulletins for a complete year as follows:

  • Chamber or Member news – Fortnightly (25 per year) - £650 for members (£1300 non members)
  • Event news – Monthly (12 per year) - £350 (£700 non members)

Event sponsorship

The Chamber also has various sponsorship opportunities available, for example, events, Doncaster Business Awards, QES publication, and eBulletins – For more information please email Amy Symon

Articles in the Chamber and Member eBulletins and on the website

At no cost, members can send their news articles to be published on the Doncaster Chamber website and in the Member and Chamber news eBulletins. 

Non-members wishing to use this service are charged at £50+VAT per article (which includes: article on the Doncaster Chamber website, mini-article included within a member news eBulletin, including a logo and website link). A total of 1x non-member news article is allowed within each eBulletin and a non-member company may only use this service a maximum of once a quarter, to ensure adequate space is reserved for members of the Chamber.

What can I save as a Chamber member?

Members rates are half the price of non member rates. 

How do I access these services?

For online, eBulletin and publication  advertising and sponsorship enquiries contact Rebecca Leam. Email: 

For event sponsorship enquiries contact Amy Symon. Email: 

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