Doncaster College and North Lindsey College confirm merger talks

Doncaster College and North Lindsey College have confirmed that they are in discussions to explore a possible merger of the two organisations.

At a time of great change across the further education and higher education sector, the two colleges are exploring the creation of one combined organisation.  This would build on the existing strengths of both colleges, strengthening learning opportunities for students while building a network of skills development and training that would benefit businesses and communities, supporting future employment needs within and across regional boundaries.

The merged organisation would be a major regional educational provider.  The resulting college would be financially strong, able to invest across its curriculum and infrastructure and offering skills and learning opportunities across further education and higher education as well as professional and technical qualifications, apprenticeships, adult and vocational learning.  

A strong principle behind this potential merger is that both colleges have a shared educational vision and are committed to meeting the skills needs of employers across and throughout their regional boundaries.  The colleges are determined to safeguard sustainable and high quality educational provision and believe that collaboration will create a key driver for the Northern Powerhouse, enhancing the connectivity provided by road, air, sea and rail. 

Paul Pascoe, Chair of Governors at Doncaster College, confirmed that discussions were underway, stating, “Doncaster College can see tremendous potential in merging with North Lindsey College.  Our vision, values and ethos are already very close and are a great foundation for a partnership that would allow our current high quality teaching and learning provision to continue locally.  It would also establish a strong regional partnership that would build on opportunities for current and future students, with clear pathways to skills development and ultimately employment.”

Andy Tuscher, Chair of Governors at North Lindsey College, agreed, “Through this merger, we have an opportunity to build on our local skills and training delivery, and to extend the ways we can work with local partners as we support our students on their journeys to employment.  By complementing what we deliver within our immediate local areas, we can establish a skills infrastructure links for students and staff that supports the economic connections across an East-West corridor from the Sheffield City Region to the Humber.“

Discussions are expected to continue in the coming months, with a formal consultation due to take place later this year.  At that point, students, employees, local communities, businesses and other interested parties will be invited to give their opinion on the proposed merger.   Further details will be available from both college websites in due course.  In the meantime, there will be no immediate changes for staff or students at either college.  

Current courses will continue, and prospective students should apply for courses in the normal way.

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