DigitalXRAID celebrate win at Cyber Security Awards

The talented team at Cyber Security start-up DigitalXRAID are celebrating their recent win at June’s Cyber Security Awards 2018. The awards honour the best and brightest in this competitive and vital field, encouraging growing innovation and inspiring professionals in the cyber security sphere to rise to the growing challenges presented by an increasingly digital world. 

Doncaster-based DigitalXRAID specialise in cyber security assurance services, including penetration testing and a security operations centre. The company offers both guidance and implementation of practical measures, alongside testing of existing structures for weakness. DigitalXRAID have developed a fantastic reputation, providing a one-stop source of all things cyber security. With offices in Doncaster, Liverpool & London, they can offer the personal touch which eludes many larger businesses. 

As the recipients of this year’s Start-Up of the Year, DigitalXRAID are in great company, joining an enviable roster of past winners. The business benefits from significant expertise in the cyber security field, helping clients to bypass both the complex and straightforward issues which arise because of cyber security breaches – ensuring customer trust remains high and preventing negative publicity and costly actions required to reverse the damage caused by hackers and data thieves. 

 “Winning the Start-Up of the Year Award was a great personal and business achievement,” says CEO Scott Goodwin. “It is testament to all the great work everyone is putting into the sales, delivery and growth of the company.” 

Cost-effective and industry leading, DigitalXRAID offer an unbeatable service which has now been recognised by one of the most significant awards bodies in cyber security. 

Find out more about the Cyber Security Awards and browse the full list of winners at the official website or discover the work of DigitalXRAID online at

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