Frog Education enter Australian market with state wide Government digital transformation deal

UK based Frog Education has forged a partnership with a global educational provider which see’s their world-class Learning Management and Progress solution integrated with their market-leading, cloud-based software  to transform education in a state wide Government deal. 

Announced in Adelaide, the state hopes its school tech overhaul will save educators' time and improve transparency for parents and caregivers. 

The combined solution will be rolled out to over 900 schools and pre-schools in Australia and will allow Australian educators to develop their curriculums, assess and review performance beyond the limitations of yearly standards, enabling every teacher to teach every child as if they are the only child in the class.  

The deal see’s Frog Education gaining a 6% market share of all Australian schools, providing a further platform for growth; with individual schools, systemic groups and state Governments. This has also created local employment as well as an increased workforce in the UK.

For over 20 years, Frog Education has delivered outstanding education through the use of technology and this has ultimately changed the way that schools and teachers teach. As an education technology leader in the UK, operating in 26 countries with 14,000 schools, including national rollouts for every school in Malaysia and Denmark, this partnership takes form’s vision of ensuring everyone has a world class education further around the globe.

Michael Wilkinson, Director at Frog Education, spent time in Australia to oversee the collaboration. He said  Frog technology has been specially built in partnership to address issues such as reducing teacher workload whilst maximising the potential for the growth of every child in every class. So proud, this is another example of Frog being part of education transformation around the world.”

Frog Education is a leading UK education technology company providing powerful solutions to transform learning around the world, providing schools, industry, public sector and not-for-profit organisations with bespoke platforms for learning, outreach and system-wide transformation. 

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