Non-commodity charges (NCCs) are on the rise act now to minimise the effect on your bills!

Non-commodity costs are the elements of your electricity bill that are not your direct electricity rate. NCCs are imposed by distribution and transmission companies and changes imposed as a result of government schemes and levies. 

Currently these charges account for more than 50% of your electricity bill; however, this amount is set to increase to over 60% by 2020. 

Utilitywise have experts on hand to look at these charges and ensure that they are correct. If any discrepancies are discovered by the team, they will act on your behalf to recover any excess money that you may have paid to your electricity supplier. Quite often, hidden savings are identified resulting in money being returned to your pocket. 

Furthermore, all businesses, are under more and more pressure to reduce overall costs. Saving money on their energy bills will allow companies to maintain competitive prices and offerings rather than having to inflate these to offset the costs of rising overheads. Utilitywise offers a range of energy saving solutions that accompanied with analysis of bills can account to up to a 20% overall saving. 

The consultancy works with businesses to increase energy efficiency through the installation of smart technology, monitoring software and offering a consultative approach to utilities. Regardless of a business’ size, the Utilitywise team work to identify any areas where possible savings could be made. It’s a win win!

To find out more about how Utilitywise could help your business, click here. 

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