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BCC: Minimum wage increase is a reasonable compromise

Sixty percent of British Chamber members recommended an increase in line with current inflation.


BCC: Good start from Labour on EU, but status quo is not an option

Stability is critical if businesses are to plan ahead and grow.


High Speed Rail - Supply Chain Opportunities!

Update on work with HS2 to maximise the supply chain opportunities to Sheffield City Region


BCC UK Economic Forecast Q1 2014

UK GDP to exceed pre-recession peak earlier than expected in 2014, says BCC


Focus Turkey event

Exploring opportunities for UK companies in this expanding market.


Service of the week: Translation services

Comprehensive language service enables members to communicate with businesses around the world.


BCC: Investment in skills is the solution to immigration debate

Evidence shows migrants pay more taxes, use fewer services, claim less benefits than UK tax-payer.


How's Business?

Please complete the Quarterly Economic Survey here


BCC: MPC should resist calls for early interest rate increases

Maintaining low rates underpins economic stability, enabling businesses to invest.


BCC's UK Economic Review for March 2014

This briefing provides an easy-to-use commentary on the key economic indicators for UK businesses.


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