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Strong growth in supermarket sales

Rising retail sales strengthens hopes for Q3 growth, says BCC


Tackling EU Red Tape

PM Taskforce takes a fresh and ambitious look at the impact of EU regulations on British businesses


Business Crime newsletter

The summer edition of the Business Crime Reduction Centre’s newsletter is now available to download


BCC's UK Economic Review for August

This briefing provides an easy-to-use commentary on the key economic indicators for UK businesses


Rebalance of young people’s education needed

Government must not focus on exam results alone if they are to tackle youth unemployment


Doncaster Young Carers’ Card

Barnardo’s Doncaster appeal for help to launch discount card for young carers


Shops asked to pay for axe threatened buses

Transport chiefs to take unusual move, or risk losing retail customers if buses are axed


Production on the up

Strong manufacturing figures should be supported, says BCC


Support for Doncaster's food banks

Could you donate that bag of penne pasta that's been lurking in the back of your cupboard for months


EE wins tender

Doncaster Chamber appoint EE as supplier of mobile phone contract


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