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Disappointing trade figures highlight need for export support

UK trade figures show exports decreased by 2.0 billion and imports decreased by 1.7 billion in May


Bank of England Governor's clear leadership will boost business confidence

Mark Carney temporarily eases bank capital rules to help improve liquidity and sustain credit flow.


Business groups call for clear leadership and action following EU vote

Business groups are calling on the government to provide clear leadership and action.


Sheffield City Region Chambers to co-host post EU-Referendum economic review

The impact of Brexit on regional businesses will be debated against the backdrop of the QES results.


BCC: Airport expansion delay is a cop out

The British Chamber of Commerce has said the government is missing a business growth opportunity.


Public, private and education sectors unite to present case for University Technical College

The Department for Education hears Doncaster's strong need for a new type of learning establishment.


BCC: Current account deficit highlights major economic challenges facing the UK

Despite the slight improvement in this year's 1st quarter, the current account deficit remains large


BCC: Act decisively to support business ahead of EU negotiations

The BCC has published a letter to political leaders calling for support for business and the economy


Senior Chamber of Commerce representatives advise local businesses on overseas trade

Local businesses heard how to do business in Turkey, Kuwait and India at an overseas trade event.


Statement on the implication of the EXIT of the UK from the European Union for Customs and International Trade

SYITC provides a statement on the implications on UK trade policy.


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