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Forthcoming Heathrow Business Summits

Businesses are given the opportunity to meet with the airport's supply chain at business summits.


Business and Education Summit tickets now available

Secure your place at the Business and Education Summit - 20 September 2016


BCC: June figures point to long term weakness in our trade position

UK trade figures for June 2016 show exports increased by £1.0bn and imports increased by £1.9bn.


Funding competition: global cooperation feasibility studies

Businesses can apply for a share of £1.2 million to do short, international feasibility studies.


EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair

Businesses are invited to attend the Business Cooperation Fair in Chengdu in late October.


Building the Sheffield City Region as a gateway to the world

Construction and logistics companies are invited to a Logistics Hub UK event on 13 September.


BCC comments on Apprenticeship Levy funding guidance

The government has released an employer-guidance update with six things they need to know.


Amazon set to create 500 Doncaster jobs

500 jobs are to be created in Doncaster with the opening of new Amazon centre.


BCC: Bank must ‘look through’ inflation rises and focus on growth

The Bank of England has forecast UK GDP growth for 2016 at 2.0%, unchanged from May.


BCC to Theresa May: Boost infrastructure spending to drive long-term growth

The BCC attended the Prime Minister’s SME roundtable to discuss the Industrial Strategy and Brexit.


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