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Senior Chamber of Commerce representatives advise local businesses on overseas trade

Local businesses heard how to do business in Turkey, Kuwait and India at an overseas trade event.


Statement on the implication of the EXIT of the UK from the European Union for Customs and International Trade

SYITC provides a statement on the implications on UK trade policy.


Region's logistics sector 'one of the most exciting prospects in Britain today'

Logistics companies attended a Logistics Hub UK event to discuss ‘Building the SCR’s Logistics Hub'


Stability, clarity and action the watch-words for firms

Businesses want a steady stream of communication from the government and the Bank of England.


Resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron

Dan Fell, CEO, comments on the resignation of Prime Minster David Cameron after the EU results.


What does the EU Referendum outcome mean for Doncaster and business?

Business will continue as usual but they need market stability and political clarity.


Region's logistics sector one of the most exciting prospects in Britain today

Sheffield City Region logistics companies are one of the most exciting prospects for the country.


Disappointing progress in reducing public sector borrowing

Public sector figures for May show disappointing progress in reducing the deficit says BCC.


Low Pay Commission consults on UK's minimum wage rates

The British Chamber of Commerce will recommend, on behalf of their members, the minimum wage.


2016 British Chamber Business Awards

There's only one week left to enter the 2016 British Chamber Business Awards.


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