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Bank of England's MPC forecast identifies challenges facing UK economy

The Bank's Monetary Policy Committee forecast has identified challenges facing the UK economy.


Mayor making ceremony

Councillor David Nevett has become Doncaster Civic Mayor for the forthcoming year.


BCC: Manufacturing remains in long-term decline, despite small March rise

ONS figures show manufacturing output in March 2016 was up 0.1% on the month but down on the year.


BCC: Long term UK trade deficit is cause for concern

The BCC says it needs to be a priority to support businesses in exporting goods and services.


EU Survey: Business vote tightens as referendum campaign heads to the finish line

A majority of businesspeople surveyed say they will vote for the UK to Remain in the European Union.


Doncaster's Independent Education and Skills Commission open space stakeholder event

The Commission would like to hear from people who are interested in enhancing young people's skills.


Doncaster Skills Academy launches Train the Trainer programme

Businesses attended a new training session to present in schools and raise young peoples aspirations


It pays to know your DEC from your EPC

Chamber Energy Solutions clarifies the meaning to help businesses save money and avoid fines.


How can Doncaster enhance young people’s skills for the future?

Doncaster's Education and Skills Commission wants to hear from businesses working with young people.


Chamber Business Awards to showcase best of British business for 13th year running

Enter the national awards to bang the drum for Doncaster's business excellence.


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