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Commenting on the Doncaster Skills Academy’s involvement in their annual ‘Enterprise Super Learning’ day, Kevin Grand, Head of Business, Enterprise and ICT said:

"Tina Slater from Doncaster Skills Academy was excellent from start to finish in organising Business Support. For busy business professionals to give up their time to help our students is superb. Each business mentor was brilliant in the level of support they provided. Thank you so much."

Nick Watts, Head of Sixth Form, Hall Cross Academy

"At Hall Cross Academy we are absolutely committed to ensuring our students are fully prepared for their future pathways and the world of work. It is therefore fantastic to be able to work in partnership with the Doncaster Skills Academy and Chamber of Commerce.

As part of our Sixth Form Pathways Programme in July, we invited the Skills Academy to come in and make our students aware of the employment competencies local businesses and employers seek when recruiting. Over twenty employers and staff from the Skills Academy interviewed our Sixth Formers for management positions in their businesses. In addition the Skills Academy used their expertise to teach our young people about the local employment landscape and the opportunities that exist within Doncaster for aspirational young people. The students benefitted hugely from this experience and we look forward to inviting the Skills Academy back next year."

Tony Sykes, Business Development Director, INATIV

“The Doncaster Skills Academy is a superb way of developing young people’s enthusiasm about the opportunities within the area and developing the “work ready” skills which are attractive to local employers. 

The recent event at Hall Cross Academy was a chance to see the significant benefit that can be realised when businesses work closely with young people in the academic environment.  

It was a privilege to engage the students in a discussion about what they thought employers would expect from them.  It was also a really valuable exercise for students to either watch or take part in a live interview with a real business.  

Careers advice can only ever go so far, and normally you are not really prepared for the difficult and daunting task of entering the world of work for the first time. With an initiative like this in Doncaster, we are aiming to give our young people the very best support.”

Andy Hill, Learning Technologies Specialist, Elsium Solutions

“The Doncaster Skills Academy are providing young people with amazing opportunities for self-development and to gain experience of the industry from the experts. 

Through carefully planned workshops and interactions from industry experts the Doncaster Skills Academy are making a positive contribution to improving the life of students as they progress from education and into the world of employment. 

As a partnering business we recently had a brilliant day working with students at a local comprehensive school, the day involved lots of teamwork through engaging activities aimed at increasing the confidence of individuals and building key competencies in literacy and employability skills.”

Mathew Lynds, Director, Rejus Ltd

"Last weeks Young Chamber Board review of business plans was just amazing! I cannot tell you how much of a privilege it was to see a group of 11/12 year olds operating as serious and believable business people.  I would invest in them and I would employ them. Simply outstanding.

Although they will have a got a lot out of this, I feel it has been returned a million times over to me.  It gives me great confidence in the future.  If anybody needs to see the value of what the Chamber does, and what the potential of linking with schools, that was it.  Perhaps most importantly, just what calibre of kids we have.

I wish I were better with words to articulate this to anyone who does not get why the Chamber and businesses should link with schools and just how important this is."


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