Women in Business: Difficult Conversations

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24 May 2017
12:00pm - 2:30pm

Flourish Enterprises
Woodfield Park
Tickhill Road

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Shannan Errington
01302 640 100

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Sorry, this event has sold out

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Julie Gordon, Managing Director at cHRysos HR Solutions Ltd (www.chrysos.org.uk), will be delivering this session to help us understand why we don't like difficult conversations and how to handle them better. Julie has 20 years experience in learning and development, initially within the public sector - particularly the rail industry.

We all have times when we know we need to have a conversation that is going to be difficult; we feel uncomfortable and if we can, we will avoid it and put off doing something about it because we know how emotional and sensitive it may well be. We might worry we will just make the situation worse. Putting off having that difficult conversation is rarely the right thing to do - especially in the long term when there can be consequences of not confronting the difficult issues.

During this event we'll be looking at difficult conversations and why we avoid them, the consequences of not confronting issues and what can happen when we don't have those difficult conversations. We'll also look at ways in which we can have difficult conversations but reduce the chances of making things worse.

All guests will enjoy a delicious 2 course meal and plenty of networking opportunities.

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