Your Voice - What should technical and vocational education look like in Doncaster?

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06 February 2018
8:00am - 10.00am

Holiday Inn Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36
Holiday Inn Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36, Warmsworth

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Paige Simpson
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The Industrial Strategy White Paper  contains a 20 page section on people and skills which brings together all of the Government’s recently announced policies and funding on Higher Education, Technical Education, Maths, STEM, Digital, Institutes of Technology, T Levels, Apprenticeships, Lifelong Learning, National Retraining Scheme. 

The Department for Education is particularly keen to speak to SMEs about how to make T-Levels relevant and valued. Plus there are are also local conversations about Big Picture Learning - what does it look like and how can businesses engage.

We know that there is a skills shortage in Doncaster businesses. National and local governments are working to address it. But what skills initiatives will be relevant and valued by your business? What should technical and vocational education look like in Doncaster?

Join Sue Clarke, Department for Education, Jane Gratton, British Chambers of Commerce, and David Ayre and Lizzie Insall, DMBC, to discuss Doncaster businesses' skills agenda.

They are looking to have constructive conversations, business engagement, ideas, and energy to work with them and influence key decision-makers and policy.

Sue Clarke and Jane Gratton will use the conversation to report back to the Department for Education and British Chambers of Commerce about how to make T-levels relevant and valued by business.

David Ayre and Lizzie Insall will use the feedback on the concept of Big Picture Learning and it’s applicability in Doncaster to inform the model of service delivery DMBC adopts, and how they effectively link the provision into work related experiences.

Please arrive just before 8.00am to help yourself to a light breakfast and be ready to start the discussion  just after 8:00am. 

Spaces are limited to one person per business.

Background reading

Big Picture Learning
Big Picture Learning (BPL) is an innovative model of education, established originally in the USA, that we are seeking to pilot in Doncaster. It is particularly effective at re-engaging children and young people in their education through an approach based on passion led learning and grounding this in work related activity. Local businesses will have a crucial role to play in the success of BPL as the young people accessing this provision will need to spend 2 days a week with a local employer or community organisation when they are in Y10 and Y11. 

T Levels are new technical study programmes that will sit alongside apprenticeships within a reformed technical education system. The aim is for T Levels to be a distinctive and prestigious offer, primarily for 16-19 year olds who want to go to college (or other training provider) and learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to secure  a job.

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