Roundtable: Brexit - What should we aim for in the next phase of negotiations?

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19 July 2018
8:00am - 9:30am

Holiday Inn Doncaster A1 (M), Jct.36

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Paige Simpson
01302 640100

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Join Dr. Adam Marshall, Director General for the British Chambers of Commerce, to advise him on what the British Chambers of Commerce should be lobbying Government on next for Brexit.

He will give the latest lowdown on Brexit, Business and Whitehall and opening up for discussion the following: 

- BCC’s Brexit practicalities: are we missing anything?

- Do White Paper objectives feel right? What should the BCC feed back to government about the content - what should we aim for in the next phase of negotiations?

Please arrive just before 8.00am to help yourself to a light breakfast and be ready to start the discussion  just after 8:00am. 

Spaces are limited to one person per business.


Brexit negotiations have somewhat stalled as of late. This is largely to do with an internal, UK Government dispute on the future customs relationship with the EU: whether to go with ‘Max Fac’ (a customs border with the EU but streamlined as much as possible) or with a ‘New Customs Partnership’ (no customs border, but a need to track and get refunds on tariff differences on goods entering the UK).

Both proposals are ambitious to implement in the timeframe between now and the end of the transition period and both have the shadow of the Northern Ireland border question looming over them. 

In the meantime, the BCC is actively engaged in discussions with government departments on topics such as dispute resolution, Rules of Origin and the existing EU Trade Agreements with third countries. Although high-level discussions seem to have stalled on customs and the Ireland question, discussions on detail of the future relationship are taking place at working level, so it is vital for the BCC to receive feedback and concerns from Chamber members.

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