Chamber Legal Advice Line and Legal Expenses Insurance

What does this service provide for my business?

Essential advice, support and £670,000 worth of Legal Protection for your business.

As a member of the Doncaster Chamber of Commerce your business has access to a 24/7 Chamber Legal Advice Line as well as benefiting from Legal Protection Insurance which is included within your membership package. As a member you benefit from £65,000 worth of legal expenses cover in each of the following areas;

  • Employment Disputes – Defending actions brought by employees including unfair dismissal & discrimination claims.
  • Employment Awards – Cover for employment tribunal awards.
  • Prosecution Defence – Defending a criminal prosecution relating to your business including HSE prosecutions.
  • Tax & VAT, Investigations – Defence of a dispute arising out of an in-depth HMRC investigations.
  • License Protection – Appealing against a decision to suspend, alter or revoke a statutory license or registration.
  • Data Protection Act – Defending civil proceedings bought against your business under the Data Protection Act.
  • Property Legal Protection – Enables your business to pursue legal rights arising from negligent acts of others affecting your property.
  • Landlord Disputes – Representing your interests in disputes with landlords over the business lease or tenancy agreement.
  • Jury Service Allowance – Up to £100/day to compensate for the loss of an employee attending court or tribunal.

No Excess: Chamber members do not have to pay anything should they have to make a claim. 

Claim Limits: Chamber members can claim up to £100,000 per claim and £1,000,000 per member per annum.

Plus there are also benefits for all your employees including;

  • £75,000 Personal Injury Cover – Legal Expenses cover for all employees to pursue compensation for injury where someone else is at fault.
  • £75,000 Motor Legal Expenses Cover – Designed to take away the hassle following a non-fault accident, we will handle the recovery of any policy excess, provide a replacement vehicle and arrange repairs.

Chamber 24/7 Legal Advice Line

Members have access to a telephone based Legal Advice Line offering general advice relating to any Legal, Employment, HR or Tax issue regardless of whether it is an area covered by the insurance. If you require Legal Advice or have a potential issue please call the Chamber Legal Advice Line on 01455 852037 quoting your business name.

It is a condition of the Insurance that members must contact the Legal Advice Line as soon as they become aware of any issue that may give rise to claim so if you are in doubt please call immediately.

The service is provided by QDOS who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Full Policy Terms & Conditions are available from QDOS.

How do I access this service?

Simply call the Chamber Legal Advice Line on 01455 852037.

Please be aware that it is a condition of the Insurance to consult the Legal Advice Line before taking any disciplinary actions against employees or as soon as you become aware of any issue that might give rise to a dispute.

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What can I save as a Chamber member?


*Based on the retail price for a non Chamber member to purchase this package. Based on a business with less than 5 employees. Further savings would be made if a legal dispute occurred.

Members can potentially save £1,000’s in legal costs should their business be involved in a dispute covered by the insurance and savings made by accessing legal advice through the 24/7 Chamber Legal Advice Line.

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