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The British Chambers of Commerce, with the support of Doncaster Chamber, has launched a campaign called ‘No More Not Spots’, which is calling for phone users to no longer experiences not-spots for voice coverage in locations used for home, work, travel or play. 

As part of the campaign, we want to share the story of companies who suffer from poor mobile coverage, and demonstrate how it affects business – whether it’s logistics, customer services, sales, or any other facet of operations that are hindered.

To demonstrate the extent and impact of the problem we’re asking companies to contribute short videos – about 30 seconds – of someone from your firm explaining to camera how this problem impacts you.  Below is a collection of videos and instructions on how to do it.

Report mobile 'not spots' by logging them online and/or recording a 30-second blog - here's how:
- Explain who you are, what your business does and where it’s located
- Explain the problem you have when working in the office, at home, or on the move
- Explain any ways it’s costing your business
- Say that you’ve shared your not spot with the BCC, and you support the Chamber of Commerce campaign for ‘No More Not Spots’

Videos can be uploaded directly to Twitter with a tweet saying: ‘Poor mobile coverage is impacting our business so we’re supporting the Chamber campaign #ShareYourNotSpots@britishchambers @DNChamber

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