Experiencing working at Doncaster Chamber

Rory.F.W.Forester, aged 15-years, Student of XP School, Doncaster blogs about his work placement at Doncaster Chamber on 25 and 26 September 2018.

At first, I was sceptical about Doncaster Chamber, not exactly knowing what it was and what they do. However, when I got there I got a warm and friendly welcome and was offered a beverage. My mentor was Rebecca Leam (Policy and Communications Executive) who discussed with me what I would like to do and clarified about what the Chamber is, where to go and if I had any queries. 

The work experience was for two days, during this, I created two press releases about policy as I would like to go into politics and this would benefit me the most, creating them about the up and coming events, cyber security in business and the audience with the Deputy Mayor and MP’s.

Following this, I was shown what a CV is and how to create one, by Catherine Mathews (Business and Education Advisor). I then created one for myself, describing who I am, my hobbies and interests, school and grades and any work experience I have done. Catherine then looked at my CV, critiqued it and allowed me to improve it which would improve my chances at any interview for a job in the future. 

At the beginning of day two I went to the Holiday Inn A1(M) Jct 36 to attend an event Doncaster Chamber had organised, called the Doncaster Business Insight. This was where businesses and Doncaster Council discussed the Draft Inclusive Growth Strategy which I found particularly interesting as it was about local government and the growth of Doncaster. However I thought the some of the proposal was not quite right for example, the length of the time scale being too short and where the extra money and investment is going to come from.

Later in the day two more meetings came up which I found interesting; in these we discussed partnerships, development of Doncaster, business events and creating business videos.

The last part of my work experience was creating a document which will be sent to Andy Patterson (Policy and Partnerships Officer, Doncaster Council) and Dan Fell (CEO, Doncaster Chamber), about what I feel Doncaster needs to develop and what changes it will create.

I also wrote blog about my time at Doncaster Chamber and I can say it was very interesting and eventful and the people are kind and friendly. 

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