What's next big idea for Doncaster?

Rory F.W. Forester, 15-years, Student of XP School, Doncaster, shares his thoughts on what Doncaster needs next:

Doncaster has many different businesses such as Doncaster Sheffield Airport, the Cast theatre, the Dome, Doncaster College, Frenchgate and the National College for Highspeed Rail. There are also many other plans such as the Herten Triangle and a renovation of the railway station and the town centre.

However, the one thing that I think is missing to make Doncaster prosper, is a university. Not only will it allow more jobs such as cleaners, professors, teachers and tutors, caretakers, executives and directors etc, it will bring more people here to Doncaster not just nationally but even globally, to work, study and live here. As there are more people coming to work and study in Doncaster more will shop in Doncaster especially for convenience but also live here, this will allow Doncaster’s economy to grow and allow for Doncaster to become a City. 

Doncaster is the perfect place as it is central and has many transport links by car, plane and rail, that can take you across the country and across the globe especially with new links at Doncaster Sheffield Airport going to places such as the Americas and Africa bringing more to Doncaster.



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