From ground worker to app entrepreneur

Im Alexander Hilton CEO of Out There and this is my story so far.

Born in Doncaster and lived here my whole life. I didn’t do the best at school but I made the most of it. I was one of the people that just wanted to get straight into a job and start earning money. As soon as I left school I got a construction job as a ground worker started as a labor within the 7 years of me working there I managed to work my way to the top as a supervisor.

While still working for the company I set my own construction company up just doing a bit of weekend work and few late nights which meant I very rarely had anytime off and anytime for myself. I can honestly say it was getting me down and I was getting stuck in a rut. I knew at this point my life needed to change fast. I used to sit down at night and think of new ideas to start a new business. One night I sat down and wrote on a piece of paper all the successful business in the world that connects people together. I had Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln. Then I wrote down on another piece of paper all the successful business directory that is now dominating the United Kingdom. After this, I began thinking to myself what if I could invent something with a few ideas from each social media site and each business directory, and put them all on one app to connect businesses with customers. Am sure if the owners of the company can do it, I can do it were human at the end of the day.

After a couple of months planning and meeting the right people also picking up a business partner Imelda Fossuwhich had experience in the technology industry. Also leaving my old job as a construction worker and literally laying everything on the line. I began learning about apps, marketing and the business industrys, putting myself on businesses courses and online seminars. Also watching YouTube videos of other entrepreneur picking up their motivation and work ethics. I began taking ideas from the other leading companies and changing them slightly also drawing new ideas and thinking of new ways to improve the businesses industry. Then I finally had my end product.

So here goes, the vision to create an app for your phone that will connect all of local tradesmen and businesses, right in your pocket and so you could search the built-in map to find new businesses in your area. You could also view their work, read their reviews. Message private in the app and acquire their services. Or, post the jobs you need doing to the map/list and have the businesses come to you. Which gives customers the freedom to browse their profile to see their reviews and photos of their recent work to have 100% confidence.

I wanted it completely stress-free on Out There App. I want to give people the trust to find local and the UK based trusted contractors who come recommended by your community, also get instant quotes and prices for services you need. As well you can compare on quotes to make sure you get the best deal possible. I could also give you a list as long of all the fantastic features that make the app stand out from the rest. But you can check them out for yourself by visiting the app on the app store.

I believe if you want to achieve anything in life it is possible and you are the only person stopping yourself from achieving greatness, baby steps count, taking baby steps each day gets you closer to your dreams. I also strongly believe Out There will be up in the ranks with all the top businesses in the world. My vision for Out There is phenomenal and version 0.1 is only the start.

I hope from this short story I have explained enough basic information about Out There and I have inspired others to take the risks and that anything is possible

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