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Are you maximising your membership?

My Top ten tips to raise your company profile through your Chamber Membership


What would you put at the top of the Elected Mayor’s to do list?

This May Doncaster goes to the polls again to vote for its Mayor for the next four years..


Youth Unemployment: If we haven’t heard enough already.

Being in the 16-25 year old bracket myself, I’m fortunate in that I have a job and career I love.


Certification made e-zee!

Make your exporting life even easier by using the Chamber online export documentation facility


Planning for a challenge

What works in one part of your life can often be applied to another part of your life too.


Making it in Doncaster

Last Tuesday, my birthday as it happened, I met the Economics Correspondent from The Times...


Dont panic, think positive, be confident.

Our economy seems to be full of ups and downs - just like the weather.


Conference for Growth sets the ball rolling.

Why wouldn’t you want to influence the future of OUR town?


Time flies when you’re having fun!

Where have the last 3 months gone? We’re in February already and I don’t know where time has gone.


“Its just a venue and a buffet isn’t it?”

Myths about events answered - in the lead up to a major event, why do event managers seem stressed?


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