Our Vision, Values and Behaviours

Our Vision: To be the best Chamber of Commerce in the UK

Our Values and Behaviours:

1. Empowered: "We have the freedom and confidence to use our own initiative and have trust in others."

We are accountable, responsible and own our decisions

We embrace challenge, feedback and enjoy learning

2. Helpful: "We listen to peoples’ needs to make a positive difference with meaningful interactions."

We are friendly, approachable and always show willingness

We listen actively to provide tailored solutions and great service

3. Meaningful Collaboration: "We work with others to achieve shared goals."

We add value to the people we work with by sharing our knowledge and skills

We welcome the opportunity to learn from others

4. Credible: "We have an excellent reputation achieved through our people and demonstrated by our accreditations.”

We act with courage to honour our commitments

We proactively seek development opportunities to enhance our knowledge

5. Belief: “We believe in ourselves, our members, our partners and our borough”

We use positive and open communication

We respect and have confidence in others and ourselves



Privacy Policy

Your privacy is hugely important to us and we want you to be confident that the information you give us when using our site and services is safe and secure. Please click here to view our Privacy Policy in full.

Safeguarding Policy

Doncaster Chamber believes that children, young people and vulnerable adults have rights as individuals and should be treated with dignity and respect. We will strive to provide a safe environment for any children, young people and vulnerable adults seeking support or whilst visiting us on our premises. Please click here to view our Safeguarding Policy in full.

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