Polypipe was founded in Doncaster 27 years ago. With a local workforce of just over 1000 and a total workforce of over 2000 Polypipe is a very significant employer in the town and the company is keen to help develop the area.

David Hall, Chief Executive, says “We have enjoyed working closely with Doncaster Chamber, helping it represent the business interest of the area or the benefit of the wider community as a whole”.

Polypipe is the UK’s leading brand of plastic piping, drainage and water supply and under floor heating. Although the Group also has production units throughout Europe, its main business Polypipe Building Products make a large percentage of their products in Doncaster. This includes above-and below-ground drainage (gutters, pipes, under floor central heating systems and drainage systems).
Similarly with internal plumbing of all types, waste outlets and pan connectors; you name it, if it’s in plastic, it’s probably made at one of our Doncaster manufacturing facilities.

It is a matter of pride that Polypipe significantly contributed in the building of the nearby Robin Hood Airport. Residents will never see the products for they are well hidden underground, but the 100,000 sq.m. car parking areas and the run off from the Terminal roofing drain into Polystorm Modular Water Storage units. The small units, each one metre long x 0.5 metres wide x 0.4 metres deep are interlinked to form huge tanks that store water in storm times for gradual release into the water table, preventing surface flooding and overloads to the drainage system. Beneath Robin Hood Airport there are over 17000 of them!





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