Awards and Testimonials

We are proud to have won the following Awards from the British Chamber of Commerce:

  • National Winner, Chamber Awards for 'Most Effective Campaigning 2012'

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  • National Winner, Chamber Awards for 'Most Effective Campaigning 2011'



  • Runner-up Chamber of the Year at the BCC Awards in 2013
  • Shortlisted for the 'Chamber of the Year' Award 2014
  • Shortlisted for the 'Campaign of the Year' Award 2015

We are one of 52 Chambers accredited by the BCC.


We are also accredied by: Investment in Young People (IiYP), Positive about Disabled People and Investors in People.

In a recent business survey (August 2014), 90% of respondents said that they would recommend the Doncaster Chamber to other businesses!  

Here's what some of our members have had to say about their membership and working with the Chamber:



“This year we decided to do a bit more with our membership. Firstly, we attended the Business Club at the Earl of Doncaster in January to get a feel for what happened, as well as the February Maximising Your Membership event at Mount Pleasant.

We then hosted the February Business Club. It was easy enough to organise and the girls were really good to work with. Hosting was good as it let other people find out more about us. We made some useful contacts there too, in particular, one contact who does maintenance and another who is a financial advisor.

The events are great, as its really useful to network with like-minded business people. It all raises general awareness of who we are and what we do.” Emma Deakin of Bawtry Hall/ Action Partners Corporation

“I have found the Doncaster Chamber networking meetings useful, getting to know more people and widening my customer base. I have also made use of the solicitors service while I have been a member and found it to be very useful.” Shaun Hughes of Dig It All

“In the last six weeks, I have been to three Chamber organised events: the Mayoral Debate, UK Aviation Strategy and An Hour Well Spent on Social Networking. All three events were informative, well organised and relevant – and free of charge to members!” John Dixon of Dixon Timber

“The Chamber’s Buy Doncaster Business Club is a great forum to meet other businesses in the area and to do business together in a friendly environment.” Andrew Austwick of DONBAC

“Doncaster College is proud to work in partnership with Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, providing support to local businesses to help them grow.

As a Chamber member, the college benefits from the networking opportunities provided to all those in membership, along with the opportunity to contribute to shaping economic development in Doncaster.” George Trow of Doncaster College

“As Harding Au Yong approaches its fifth year of membership, I can safely say that there will be no hesitation in renewing.

Over the years, Doncaster Chamber has helped us build the strong foundations which our business is built upon, from accessing HR and Health and Safety advice to providing excellent networking opportunities and links to key contacts.

The new membership package is the best yet. We’re big advocates of supporting local businesses and this gives us opportunity to offer and receive great benefits to and from fellow members.

The staff are always interactively engaging with members and show great passion in receiving feedback to ensure the membership is at its very best.

I highly recommend Doncaster Chamber and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team for providing opportunity and support.” Michelle Harding of Harding Au Yong

“We’ve been Chamber members for a long period of time. Last year we hosted the Best of British Event and then, more recently, the South Yorkshire Chambers Breakfast.  A lot of people came and it was a fantastic event. Unfortunately, we’ve had no business off the back of it but sometimes its just about raising your profile and relationship building. Pat, a member of our sales team, has made a lot of contacts through the Chamber’s events.

I think the Chamber’s gone through a massive change and now do lots of things to build relationships and influence organisations. I think it’s definitely worth joining if you’re a new business and you need a bit of help networking and making contacts.” Nigel Dibb of Holiday Inn Doncaster (A1)

“We’ve been Doncaster Chamber members for a long time now…it’s much more user friendly and the relevant events we go to have a bigger and better turn out, and attract some big names. Communication has improved too, and it’s now much easier to sign up for events and get in touch with people.

It’s working well for us at the minute and is definitely good value for money…I think that if you’re going to be part of the Doncaster economy, the first thing you should do is get plugged into the Chamber. It’s an excellent resource, so it would be foolish not to spend a couple of hundred quid to get the benefits it can offer. You definitely get out of it what you put in, and so far it’s working really well for us.” Paul Russell of HSR Law

“Doncaster Chamber have given a great deal of help to i-education, providing a backbone of support, which we have been able to call upon through the many development phases of the business. Furthermore, the media platform they have provided to share our business story has helped to elevate our credibility, enabling us to capture the attention of a much wider audience. Also add into the mix the networking opportunities they have fostered, enabling us to develop strategic relationships and Doncaster Chamber have given us a platform in which to trade locally, nationally and internationally.” Michael Wilkinson of i-education

“We recently delivered a seminar at one of the Chamber’s Hour Well Spent sessions and got a really positive response. The advantage for us was that the Chamber has a database of people to invite. We have already done some follow up meetings with the attendees and hopefully they will become clients in the future.” Victoria Wightman of Independent Financial Solutions

“I would like to confirm how helpful the Chamber has been to us. We have established a new Regional Office in Doncaster and the support has been excellent. We had our launch last December and several Chamber officers attended, including Dan Fell and Phil Harris. Dan was particularly helpful with advice on local contacts and so on. We are pleased with our first year in Doncaster and would like to thank the Chamber for their support.” Peter Field of J. Breheny Contractors

“As a regular attendee at both Construction Networking and Buy Doncaster Business Club, I have realised that people buy from people that they know, like and trust. That is why I think Doncaster Chamber’s informal meetings are good for building strong business relationships.” Mat Haywood of MH Plumbing & Heating Services

“We at Natwest really wanted to promote the business and the services that we offer. My colleague, Steve, who’s been a Doncaster Chamber member for about 5 years now, suggested that I should start coming to the networking events that are put on.

For me, it’s still quite new. The events are really good and well worth attending. We’re getting good feedback and they’ve definitely helped business. Through attending the events, we’ve had five referrals since November, some for people just setting up in business and needing a bank account, and others for sole traders or partnerships who have gone limited, and are looking for a new bank provider. 

I have also met up with accountants through the Chamber’s networking events, who I’ve since been out to see and now do reciprocal business with. I also went to the Women in Business event recently, which I thought was really good. Natwest have now organised their first Women in Business event, inspired by the Chamber.

It’s a really fantastic way of networking and meeting people. I think you’ve got to get to know people before doing business with them, and the Chamber’s events allow you to do that. I can’t praise Doncaster Chamber enough. I think it’s a fantastic package, that I hope to use more of, and I can’t fault anything.” Paula Williamson of Natwest

“We mainly use the Chamber to help with export documentation, as Portola exports to about six different countries. If I ever have a question, I always get an answer from Linda. I attend a few of the seminars and events, which are good to confirm that what we’re doing is right; a bit of verification that we’re running our business properly. I always pull a few fresh ideas out of them too.” Andrew Henwood of Portola Packaging

“I deal with the Chamber when arranging our corporate event at the St. Leger Festival on Ladies Day. I can say that when dealing with the Chamber to arrange the event, it is always done in a professional and efficient manner.” Michaela Needham of Portola Packaging

“We have found that our Chamber membership has been extremely beneficial in a number of ways. It has given us the opportunity to associate with businesses across the borough, thereby enabling us to gain valuable business contacts, which has led us to gaining several new accounts. The saving that we made on our AA cover alone more than paid for our annual Chamber membership and, socially, we have been able to visit Doncaster Racecourse using the 2-for-1 offer available on some race meetings. The membership fee is negligible in comparison to the benefits that can be gained and we would strongly recommend others to join and reap the benefits.” Dave Lilley of R&S Security Ltd

“Joining Doncaster Chamber has perhaps been the single most important step Rejus have taken in the growth of the company. It has provided support, credibility, opportunity, advice and has expanded our barriers and limits, and in some cases removed them completely. In short, it has made us a better and more aspirational company and, despite this, I believe that we have only just started our journey with the Chamber and that lots more good will follow.” Mathew Lynds of Rejus

“Every business should join Doncaster Chamber. If you make the most of the different things that they have to offer and utilise your membership effectively the return that you get is second to none.

The chamber has had a great impact on our business, from the business opportunities that it has opened up for us to the support and guidance it has given us. And as for business connections – too many to mention! Our membership has proved invaluable.” Kate Stewart of Shore Stewart

“One of the first actions I took was to join Doncaster Chamber. Being part of the local business community is an important and essential step for any business to take”. Paul Nugent Design and General Engineering Ltd.

Commenting on a Doncaster Chamber Hour Well Spent session with inspire2aspire, Gavin from I Doc Solutions said: “I listened to inspire2aspire talking at the Doncaster Chamber breakfast seminar about how to find your niche. Suddenly I realised I had not been capitalising on my 15 years’ experience in the construction sector. I now have a fantastic product on the market...I’d also recommend the Hour Well Spent – you never know what insight you’ll gain.”


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