Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a training enquiry?
Submitting a training enquiry is quick and easy. You can either browse the range of courses and click ‘enquire’ when you find the right one for you or alternatively you can click the ‘New Training Request’ button and start typing a keyword to find your preferred area of training.

I can’t find the training course I am looking for. What should I do?
If you are looking for a particular course and cannot find this in the course list or when browsing the categories, simply complete a ‘New Training Request’ and enter the course you are looking to find in the field provided.

We will match this to providers in the area of training to enquire as to whether they can support you with the delivery, refer you on to an alternative provider of the requested training or suggest an alternative course.

Do I have to be a member to submit a training enquiry?
No, non-members will be granted access to a ‘guest member only area’ to access training responses. Please note that non-members are unable to access any of the other services within the member only area.

Who are the training providers featured on the platform?
Most of the training providers featured on the Skills and Training Platform are members of Doncaster Chamber. This ensures that your enquiry and any subsequent responses are from local providers however non-members can also offer their training and coaching services. Please note that Doncaster Chamber does not endorse these businesses.

Are my company/contact details sent to training providers with my enquiry?
When you submit a new training request, you will be asked to provide your company name, training contact name and contact details for the benefit of the Doncaster Chamber training team. Your details will not be sent out with your initial training enquiry.

If you later 'request a call back' from one of our training providers you are giving Doncaster Chamber consent to forward your company/ contact details to the training provider.

Am I guaranteed the price quoted by the training provider?
When a training provider submits a response to your training enquiry they are asked to provide a quotation based on the requirements given. The quote is an indication only and is subject to change if any part of your training requirement should change.

We would however expect training providers to provide a realistic quotation for the work based on your requirements and honour the price given if your requirements remain unaltered.

If I request a call back from a training provider, am I committed to the training?
Not at all. Doncaster Chamber and our network of training providers understand that sometimes requirements and needs of the business change. Therefore if you request a call back from a provider to discuss the training further there is no obligation to award the work to them.

What if my requirements change after submitting a training request?
If your training requirements should change after you have submitted a New Training Request, you can login to the Member Only Area (or guest area in the case of non-members) and update your request.

Please note that you can only amend the date, venue preference and number of delegates. If you wish to alter the course you will be required to submit a new training enquiry.

My business delivers training, how can I become a featured training provider?
Fantastic, we are always looking for additional training providers to join our platform. If you would like to find out more please complete the brief ‘Become a Training Provider’ form. If you are already a member, please enter your logins when prompted and your company details will be completed for you.

Please note that Doncaster Chamber members and non-members can become both become a training provider. If you would like to find out more, please contact a member of our team on 01302 640100 or email

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